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    Binance – exchange with own cryptocurrency

    There are not many crypto currency exchanges, and a trader of every level of experience needs to negotiate with multiple trading platforms right away. As practice shows, not all of them are able to work stably and for a long time, and therefore it will not be superfluous to divide their assets among different exchanges in order to diversify them. An excellent option for such security measures may be the Bancin Exchange, which breathes confidently even the top rated competitors. What kind of an exchange is that and what is different from the others – that is the key theme of this article.

    Bina – Exchange of TOP
    The cryptocurrency market was confused and affected not only coins but also exchanges for their trading. A few months ago, the well-known and beloved “Wormwood” fell off the pedestal and we did not have time to recover. Polonix was not the most successful and popular because the trouble came from where not expected. The other day, Bittrex and Bitfinex have suspended the registration of new users and the first one, and have been making big money. In this situation, you will be well considered to look for a more reliable service for the trade, so many users are looking for an alternative. I did not have to go far, the exchange that deserves attention was found in TOP.

    Binance – the exchange, the official site located at, was born not so long ago, but its popularity is growing very active. The attention on the trading platform is not in vain – it has its own chips, which Binans can be proud of because other exchanges lose in many ways. But we will not go much forward – let’s talk about everything in the right order.

    Today, Bancing takes 3-place to day sales, the 3 exceed $ billion It is hard to imagine that the exchange achieved these successes in just a few months of its work – its official launch took place in the spring of 2017. An important role in the active attention to the resource was played by the fact that the exchange was not started in the traditional way, but crowd-shedding in the form of ICO. Investors have noticed the project and expressed their confidence by investing more than 15 in Bancing coins $ By the way, investors also had big ones, and these companies now support Bance.

    The success of Binacom Already in the run-up to the project a strong team was given. In particular, today’s trading platform manages a Chanpen Zhao related to such well-known giants as “Bloomberg”, where he previously worked and has There is information that Zhao has worked with the exchange – earlier in his workbook was listed playground called OKCoin. In general, working on such well-known and successful projects is tempting to believe that a person has a lot of experience in blokcheyn industry. Another significant person in the leadership of Is Yi Xe, has in the past all the same number of founders to do OKCoin.

    Why has an unknown stock exchange managed to get into the top 3 in the daily turnover? Honestly, it will not be surprising if this young and ambitious playground picks the palm of its colder colleagues. And all because Binain has the lowest commission and can offer its users lightning-fast operations.

    Among the reasons for the popularity of BONINY:

    Low commission, which is only 0.05% -0.1%. Most other exchanges charge 0.2% -0.25% for their users’ operations.
    The transaction speed reaches 1.5 million per second.
    216 for crypto currency pairs is available for trading.
    The management of the exchange is positive about young coins, especially after ICO, and therefore projects are for the first time putting their stamps on Binance in the world.

    Working with Binance is convenient: there is a clear interface, all the necessary tools for analysis and trading, a functional personal cabinet. There is even a Russian-language version of the page (albeit a bit awkward) to understand just one word – Bina’s pages are not heavy.

    You can use the exchange without passing the check. If you do not want to display more than 2 PTS per day, you do not need it.

    But Binain also has a significant disadvantage – the exchange does not work with the currencies. This may cause some inconvenience to the user in the form of the need to change means for cryptocurrency, but such a small disadvantage of the page can be safely assigned. In the future, Fiat support can be added, but then the verification rules and limits can be significantly increased

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